miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2012

My mom and me

She is my daughter

My sister and me

My family

Do you have breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday?
Yes. I have all the foods 

What’s your favorite meal of the day?
My favorite meal is dinner 
If you have breakfast, what do you have?
I have in my breakfast cereal.
What’s in a Marabino’s Breakfast?
The Marabino`s breakfast is mandoca
Do you like Venezuelan Food?
I like venezuelan Food
What’s your favorite restaurant or place to eat?
My favorite place is Mc Donalds
What’s your favorite dish in their menu?
My favorite dish is Mc Nifica
what food from other countries do you know?
American food, mexican food, italian food.

Which ones do you like?
The Italian Food
Which ones you don’t like?
The Mexican food
Do you cook?
Yes, I cook everyday
What’s your favorite dish?
My favorite dish is Pizza
Where is it from?
It`s from italia
What do you need to prepare it?
Tomato sauce, cheesse and dough